In 1984, Babilon was founded as a toolshop for thermoplastic molds in Breuberg near Frankfurt. At the very beginning the company has produced parts for well-known automotive customers –the staff comprised only 3 fulltime employees.

In the early nineties Babilon invested continuously in top notch employees and sophisticated technology like HSC milling machines and the referring software in order to stay ahead.

In 1994 Babilon moved from the initial garage to a new and bigger production site. In parallel, new machinery was installed such as die spotting press, high speed spark erosion, wire erosion and five axis milling machines –the number of employees increased to 25.

As Babilon run out of space in 2005 a second building was constructed. Following Babilon’s philosophy, efforts with regard to automated production of electrodes or even inserts with complex geometry were pushed.

In 2016 approximately 50 high qualified and reliable toolmakers, skilled programmers and designers are working at Babilon company aiming at customers’ satisfaction.

Over the last few years Babilon has developed from being a purely mould construction company to being a high-tech company for the most complex tools for international customers. Babilon accompanies the entire process by supporting design up to matching loops to get the product prepared for serial production.

Babilon at a glance

The manufacturing range of Babilon includes the production of plastic molds for fuel filler systems with all relating parts like housings in 2-component technology, hinge arms and flaps. Furthermore, Babilon is a specialist in design and construction of tools for airbag covers - both driver and passenger side.

Babilon is highly experienced in design and construction of die casting moulds for steering wheels with corresponding trimming units and foaming tools. Design and construction is realized directly at Babilon in order to gain experience and getting faster with more intelligent solutions.

To all customers a pre-design review of their parts concerning demouldability and feasibility is offered. As well, Babilon is able to run mould flow simulation to be aware of filling situation and possible warpage. After finishing the moulds, a test run on our moulding machine is performed in order to get suitable first-off-tool parts to be sent to customer.

On demand Babilon supplies an optical measurement of the parts or even a scan used for reverse engineering or review in regards of warpage, shrinkage or wall thickness. The system supplied by GOM allows a direct comparison of real parts and its CAD counterpart. In order to meet customer requirements Babilon uses high end equipment like multicore workstations for CAD design and CAM programming.

More than 10 employees are taking care of achieving best results regarding tool design and practical implementation. The software used is CATIA and WorkNC. Several milling machines for rough milling and subsequent finishing are available. For the bigger parts like mould base DMG machines from 1.250mm up to 1.600mm traverse path are used.

Those machines are used as well for 5-axis operations and drilling of cooling systems if necessary. For operations like finishing of shaped inserts two very fast 5-axis machining centers are in use. They are equipped with pallet changers which keep them running over night or during the weekend. Both the smaller and the bigger one were supplied by HERMLE and the range of traverse path is from 450mm up to 650mm. There is several machinery used for wire cutting, spark erosion, die spotting and injection molding. The possible size of tool is up to 5 tons and 1000mm x 600mm.



Spark Erosion
Production of Electrodes
CNC Milling
Design/Construction, CAM Programming and Measuring
Wire Cutting


Spark Erosion

spark erosion

Ingersoll IG 1000

Ingersoll IG 800

Ingersoll IG 800 Eagle

Injection Molding

injection molding


Wire Cutting

wire cutting

Mitsubishi FA 30

CNC Milling


Alzmetall GS1000



Hermle C32UP

Hermle C22UP

Mikron HSM 400U






CAD Design
CAM Programming
Scanning and Measuring